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Woolkabunning Kiaka Roelands Village is the spiritual home and birthplace of the national Outback Academy program. The Outback Academy is committed to building economic freedom, education, employment and well-being with Indigenous communities, including those with disability, or ‘temporarily lost and disconnected from their community’. The Outback Academy works with communities like WKI to make use of land and other assets to fund organisational needs and social and healing programs, therefore achieving economic freedom and in the best scenarios creating local training opportunities and jobs too.

We are proud to have hosted our 2013 group of OA Hospitality RESPECT pre-employment students with partners like the Indigenous Coordination Centre, South West Institute of Technology, the Aboriginal Workforce Development Centre, Mark Olive (Ambassador) and local south-west WA hospitality employers.

Congratulations to all the students on their graduation and a beautifully prepared lunch for the community, their families and supporting organisations.

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